Using Dad Jokes as your Headlines and Subject lines

Intro to Dad Jokes Using dad jokes in your email campaign can be a fun and effective way to improve open rates. These types of jokes, known for their cheesy and corny humor, can add a touch of personality and levity to your emails. Not only do they grab the attention of your audience, but […]

Analogies you should be using in your marketing

Using Analogies in Marketing Using analogies in your marketing can be a powerful and effective way to communicate your message to your audience. Analogies are comparisons that help your audience understand complex ideas or concepts by relating them to something more familiar. By using analogies, you can make your marketing more relatable, memorable, and engaging […]

Use Puns, Metaphors and Oxymorons in your Email Campaigns

Are you looking for ways to make your email campaigns more engaging and memorable? One effective strategy is to incorporate literary devices such as puns, metaphors, and oxymorons. These tools can add depth and personality to your messaging, and help to grab the attention of your readers. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits […]

Email Subject lines that will increase open rates

Having a good subject line for your emails is crucial to the success of your communication. Not only do subject lines help grab the attention of your recipient, but they also give an idea of what the email is about and whether it is worth opening. A strong subject line can mean the difference between […]